Integral concrete protection since 1985

History :

Protecrete have manufactured the world’s most technically advanced concrete treatment products since 1985.

The Protecrete range of products were founded in the USA and have enjoyed international success since 1985, and Australian success since 2003.


Australian History:


2002: Carpet installers Steve Lundberg and John Daymond were at a loss when the distributorship agreement with Allcrete Industries (now Allcon Group Pty Ltd) to distribute Aquron products was not renewed.


A carpet installer visiting from the USA advised Steve that Protecrete products manufactured by Applied Concrete Technology INC was used extensively throughout the USA as a concrete moisture barrier for floor coverings / coatings.


Steve made contact with Applied Concrete Technology INC to investigate the visiting carpet installer’s performance claims, and request samples.


2003: Steve and John negotiate a distributorship agreement forming Protecrete Australia Pty Ltd, as part of Applied Concrete Technology’s terms.


2003- 2005: Protecrete Australia Pty Ltd target specialists in the field of floor coverings and or coatings and appoint these specialists as territory sub distributors.


2005: Applied Concrete Technology INC ship the first IBC’s of 50% product concentrate to Australia.


Protecrete Australia Pty Ltd purchase a milk vat in order to blend the product concentrates with water.


First batch of concentrate blended with water, decanted, and ready for use.

The arrival of the concentrate produces savings in shipping costs, storage and facilitated further expansion into the Australian floor coverings market.


2006: Protecrete Australia Pty Ltd and Applied Concrete Technology INC agreement terminated.


Protecrete International appointed as exclusive distributor.

2010: Manufacturing begins in Australia using family owned & specifically designed formulas to address issues that commonly arise in fast tracked concrete construction programms & particularly, providing a solution to eliminate the potential detrimental affects of excessive Moisture Vapor Transmission on concrete sub floors & the use of new era, more environmentally friendly "greener" adhesives & coatings used in the use in floor covering/ coatings industry.

PROTECRETE products have been specifically designed and developed to address protective and or remedial issues in Portland cement concrete, including:

*Hydrostatic pressure * Concrete Moisture Vapour Transmission Restriction (concrete moisture barrier) * Hardening, Sealing, & Dust Proofing* Chloride Iron penetration * Corrosion * Cure * Radon * Construction time constraints*

Protecrete enjoy a proven track record in developing and manufacturing treatment products that are environmentally conscious, user friendly, require minimum downtime, are cost effective, and most importantly, products that work.


Protecrete have built an enviable reputation by protecting a variety of Portland cement concrete structures ranging from Dam walls, Car parks, Aquatic centres, Car parks, Hospitals, Basements and Pre cast fabrications etc.


Protecrete Densifier and Protecrete Vaporlock are regularly specified and used on concrete sub floors prior to the installation of floor coverings and or coatings projects in order to harden, cure and restrict the concrete moisture vapour transmission to below the floor covering / coating manufacturers permissible levels.


AS 1884-2012 testing for moisture content in concrete sub floors:

A3.1.2 Relative Humidity in-situ probe test: ”Concrete subfloors shall be considered sufficiently dry when measurements taken in accordance with ASTM F2170 do not exceed 75% relative humidity”.

A3.1.3 Relative humidity surface mounted insulated hood test: ”Concrete subfloors shall be considered sufficiently dry when measurements taken in accordance with ASTM F2420 do not exceed 70% relative humidity”.


Our Australian family owned formulas produce renowned products such as Protecrete Densifier and Protecrete Vaporlock which are described in AS 1884-2012 Floor coverings- Resilient sheet and tiles- Installation practices as "penetrative moisture suppressants".


Major builders and professional floor coverings installation contractors recognise the benefits of the minimal downtime required to enable the one coat spray application, together with the labour and cost savings when compared to film forming surface moisture barriers.


Protecrete products are distributed under exclusive licence to ensure consistent quality control.


Protecrete's reputation in concrete sealing, hardening and protection is envied by competitors to such a point, that others have actually formed similar sounding brand and or product names in order to capitalize on the brand and products reputation. These products are not manufactured using our formulas, and are more expensive. That is correct, a copy that is more expensive !!!.


Genuine Protecrete products are:

Protecrete Vaporlock, Protecrete Densifier, Protecrete Densifier Plus Antimicrobial, Protecrete Densifier with Surface Gloss, Protecrete Densifier For Rebar, Protecrete Densifier Plus Repeller, Protecrete Repeller, Protecrete Mix Water Conditioner, Protecrete Radiance.

Protecrete is not sold under any other label names, neither has Protecrete ever changed it's name in Australia or the USA.

Protecrete products are manufactured using family owned formulations. If it doesn't say PROTECRETE, it's not PROTECRETE !


Should you come across any competitor products purporting to perform the same, we are happy to partake in site sample trials and product comparison.



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